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Dragon Cave Croatia

Croatian Dragon Cave forum // Hrvatski Dragon Cave forum
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Mnogo nam toga novog dolazi, pa pogledajmo!

Citat :
The breed balancing system has been tweaked to give more priority to recent dragons. This should have the effect of making the system "forget" about huge imbalances eventually rather than stubbornly trying to correct them for months (against the wishes of the users.)

Forum 500-Internal-Server-Error Errors
Hopefully have been fixed.

Incoming Updates
There are some incoming updates (hopefully sometime this week). The list of changes includes:
•Dimorphism (different male/female sprites) for a wider variety of dragons.
•A secret new BSA
•A change in the "minimum hatching/maturing" time limit from random 3-4 days to just 3 days (A.K.A. higher turnaround.)
Mod Mayhem
The next dragon release (Codename: Mod Mayhem) will be hitting DC in the next two weeks. Brace yourselves and cue speculation.
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