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 Terpentin zmaj

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PostajNaslov: Terpentin zmaj   Terpentin zmaj Emptyned vel 28, 2010 2:26 pm

Jaje Terpentin zmaj Turpentineeggtransparen
Zmajić Terpentin zmaj Turpentines1hatchlingtr
Zmajić s krilima Terpentin zmaj Turpentines2hatchlingtr
Odrasli zmaj Terpentin zmaj Turpentineadulttranspar


This egg smells strongly of turpentine.

Citat :
Turpentine dragons are named for the oil they secrete over their scales, which smells like turpentine and is mildly toxic. The oil will not kill, however it burns at the touch and will make anyone who ingests it ill. They roam in large packs, often times stealing food from larger dragons, though they will hunt for themselves if necessary. Most other dragons consider them pests, so they primarily breed among themselves, though pairings with other dragons are not unheard of.

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Terpentin zmaj
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