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PostajNaslov: Pillow zmaj   ned vel 28, 2010 2:24 pm

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This egg feels velvety and light.

Citat :
Pillow Dragons are all fluff and hardly anything else, and all that fur gives them a deceivingly large size. They can still fly even with such tiny wings because their bodies are so remarkably light. They have a habit of sleeping for nearly eighteen hours in a day, and only seem to be awake in short bursts. During which, they take their time to hunt for prey. Once it becomes an adult, this dragon's fur grows very slowly, so should only be cut away just once in every seven years. Not only does this help keep the dragon's overall health in perfect check, but the fur can also be used to make a very expensive, valuable cloth known simply as dragon's cashmere, which is even softer than cashmere made from wool.

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Pillow zmaj
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